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IVR for Building Inspections/Permitting

buildingworks™ — Super-Fast Inspection Completion. Less Pressure.

Inspections take time and care to complete, unfortunately so does paper work and data entry. These administrative tasks often hold up the process creating long wait times for contractors and homeowners. Our buildingworks™ IVR solution helps you avoid delays, by giving contractors, homeowners, inspectors, and staff access to the same information without having to be at City Hall. All they need is a phone.

Complete more inspections faster. Eliminate wait time. Keep construction moving.

Buildingworks™ provides 24/7 self-service access to permit information and plan check results by phone or web. Contractors or homeowners may schedule, reschedule, or cancel building inspections or even pay permit and re-inspection fees by credit card or eCheck. And when inspections are complete, they can even get a call to let them know.

Real-time Benefits

Buildingworks™ interacts directly with your building department database so information is posted immediately with no batch processes and no manual steps. Contractors get up-to-date information as it happens, so they can deploy work crews more efficiently. Your inspectors complete more inspections per day, while your office staff is freed from handling routine questions and inspection scheduling. With buildingworks™, you can get a lot more done, without having to add staff.

Avoid Delays

When your inspectors post results, they are immediately available to contractors, reducing wait times. And with outbound calling, contractors receive automated notices of inspection results.

Scheduling Convenience

Contractors and homeowners can check permit and plan information; schedule, reschedule, and cancel inspections, and even leave voice comments with additional details for inspectors . You can even build in your pre-requisite logic to ensure inspections are scheduled in the proper sequence.

Make Paying Easier

Collect fees by allowing contractors and homeowners to pay permit and re-inspection fees with credit card or eCheck and keep the process moving.

It’s Not about Location Anymore

Your inspectors no longer have to run back to the office to post results. Inspection results can be posted from the construction site, the office, or anywhere else with a touchtone phone.


  • 24/7 self-service by phone or web
  • Permit & plan check information
  • Automated inspection scheduling, rescheduling, and canceling
  • Inspection results posted from any location
  • Results automatically sent to contractors to avoid delays
  • Permit fees and re-inspection fees payable by credit card or eCheck
  • Multiple languages available


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