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IVR for Courts

courtworks™ — Keeping Everyone Informed. Self-service access to court services by phone.

Whether dealing with a parking ticket, a moving violation, or something more serious, experiences with the legal system are rarely pleasant and are an anxious time for most. Wouldn’t it be great to reduce this anxiety and make it easier for everyone?

Opening the Lines of Communication.

With courtworks™ IVR you give citizens access to information when they want it through their touchtone phone. Simple to use, citizens can call in for information on court status, enter a plea, make pay¬ments, and receive answers to everyday questions. No more long lines at the customer service desk. Citizens can pay over the phone or on the web with credit card or eCheck. And out-of-town visitors can easily pay traffic violations. English and Spanish language options are standard.

Court Notifications.

There’s more pressure than ever for departments to increase revenue while reducing costs. Court Notifications allows you to be both proactive and reactive in the collections process. Automatic callouts can be made for warrant notifications; jury duty notices; court schedule changes; and alcohol, drug, and driving safety course reminders. Using callouts alleviates pressure on staff and cuts down on the cost of the collections process. Outbound communication is simple, useful and affordable.

Real-time Access.

Courtworks™, ties directly to your citation database. Phone and web payments are posted immediately with no batch processing and no manual steps—all according to your business rules. Every transaction provides feed¬back to the user, including a confirmation number when the payment is successfully completed. Users are as¬sured of their payment status and you have an audit trail for any disputes.

”IVR has shortened our lines in the lobby. The more people who take advantage of this, the more efficient use of our staff time. It’s a lot quicker to process payments.“
—David Galvan, Court Services Director, Irving, Texas


  • Allows 24/7 access to court status: postponements, reschedules, and settlements
  • Provides citation details and plea entry for violations
  • Accepts payments by credit card or eCheck
  • Check jury duty status
  • Outbound call-outs for court reminders and warrant notifications
  • Family can schedule visits with inmates
  • Multiple languages available


  • Staff is freed from answering repetitive questions
  • Citizens and jurors receive consistent court status information
  • Out-of-towners can easily pay traffic violations
  • Officers are aware of court schedule changes
  • Government saves money with less officer overtime
  • Citizens receive timely notices about warrants
  • Serve fewer warrants
  • Collect more revenue


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