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IVR for Housing Authorities

housingworks™ — Finally-Affordable IVR for Housing Authorities.

Information at Your Fingertips

Housing authorities provide a valuable service to low-income individuals and families, giving them access to quality and affordable housing alternatives. Unfortunately, demand for housing assistance is on the rise, resulting in long lines, long hold times, and waiting lists for tens of thousands of families eager to find a home.

Housingworks™ helps to ease the frustration felt by program participants and reduces the burden on staff. Housingworks™ provides applicants, landlords and tenants with 24/7 real-time telephone access to information such as waiting list position, utility and housing assistance payments, and inspection dates.

Staff are freed from handling routine questions and participants are satisfied with the convenience of having 24/7 access to the information they need. And with multiple language options, the system is available to everyone.

An outbound notification tool makes it easy to proactively make appointment reminder calls to landlords and participants. Fewer missed appointments save valuable time and resources for you and your customers.

Housingworks™ interacts directly with your Housing Authority database in real time, so information posts immediately and is always up-to-date.

Features and Benefits

  • Landlords and participants have 24/7 access to status of HAP and UAP assistance payments, upcoming inspection dates, and recertification appointments
  • Applicants can check their position on waiting lists and hear answers to frequently asked questions
  • Automatic reminders for inspection and recertification appointments
  • Reduced call demand and increased staff efficiency
  • Improved customer satisfaction with 24/7 self-service options


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