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IVR for Business Licensing

licenseworks™ — Simplify yearly licensing and improve revenue collection.

Licenseworks™ provides real-time, self-service options to renew and pay for licenses such as business, occupational, and animal. Departments streamline revenue collection and improve citizen services with automated processing, especially for yearly renewals that occur all at once. Citizens won’t have to make inconvenient trips to City Hall.

“Tele-Works is our vendor for multiple IVR and IWR applications including our water utility, building inspection scheduling, and business licensing divisions. One of the primary reasons we chose Tele-Works as our vendor is the fact that they could operate all the different departmental applications through a single hardware solution.”

—Christine Roberto, Administrative Services Manager, City of Norwalk, C.A.

Offer self-service options 24/7.

Relieve Customer Service from the demands of yearly renewals. Citizens can fill out applications or renew licenses of all types (business, animal, vehicle, etc.) by phone or web.

Make paying easy.

No more long lines at the customer service desk. Customers can pay over the phone or on the web with credit card or eCheck.

Expand customer service.

Take advantage of outbound notification and inform your citizens of expiring licenses. You can even offer “press two to pay” options for immediate payments.

Spanish, Armenian, or Cantonese?

Do you have a large population of non-English speaking citizens? With our multiple language options, you can find a way to communicate with everyone.


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