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IVR for Parking Ticket Payments

parkingworks™ — Reduce the hassle of parking tickets.

Citation payments by phone or web.

What if there was a quick and easy way to collect on parking tickets and fees?

“The online payment application has really made it easier for citizens and visitors alike to pay parking tickets, which has had a positive impact on our collection of parking tickets”

—Daniel Johnson, Information Technology Manager, City of Reno, Nevada

Make Paying Fines Simple.

Parking tickets are a pain, no matter how justified. They have quick due dates and are easy to forget. Even if citizens do remember on time, the process is a hassle. With parkingworks, you can make paying fines simple with immediate credit card or eCheck payments by phone or web. Your customers will benefit and so will you, with faster collections and fewer bad debts.

Parkingworks provides self-service access by phone or web to citation records. And if you print the automated payment phone number on the ticket, last-minute payments become a cinch. Area residents and out-of-town visitors will have equal opportunity to make timely payments. You provide great customer service and increase your revenue.

Real-time Access.

Parkingworks ties directly to your citation database. Phone and web payments are posted immediately with no batch processing and no manual steps—all according to your business rules. Every transaction provides feedback to the user, including a confirmation number when the payment is successfully completed. Users are assured of their payment status and you have an audit trail for any disputes.

Making payments has never been easier.

  • Allows 24/7 self-service citation access by phone or web
  • Provides citation type, date of violation, court date, amount due, and due date
  • Accepts online payments by credit card or eCheck
  • Makes outbound calls requesting payment
  • Records payments for audit control
  • Supports multiple languages


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