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Utility customers come in all shapes and forms, with their own preferred ways of transacting business. Utility companies have various billing and payment functions that, up until now, have operated independently from one another. What’s more, utilities have had to rely on a myriad of utility bill pay companies for these functions instead of a single, more efficient provider.

As a result, utilities frequently pay 2-3 times more than necessary, yet still don’t have the desired adoption rates for electronic payment and billing services.

So how do you meet each customer’s preferences as well as combine your billing and payment functions into a fully automated, turnkey solution?

Summation360™ provides cost-effective, self-service options for all customers regardless of their preferred methods and resources; bundling Web, IVR, e-Billing, mobile, payment processing, and customer notifications into a single, consolidated service, instead of requiring the services of multiple billing and payment processing firms.

Now, your utility can deliver a full spectrum of streamlined billing and payment services, allowing your customers to choose the invoicing and payment channel that works best for them. As a result of these self-service functions, Summation360™ enables your utility to greatly reduce its manual processes, affording you more responsive customer service without the added staff as well as achieving dramatic savings and increased customer adoption for digital services.

Summation360™ is the whole. It is secure, streamlined, cost-efficient and results in faster payments, greater adoption rates, decreased delinquencies and termination of service, and enhanced communication between the utility and its customers. Delivering a digital future… Summation360™.


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