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IVR for Tax Payments

taxworks™ — Survive fiscal year taxes.

Taxworks™ provides real-time, self-service access to tax accounts and payment options by phone and web. Citizens can obtain account information and pay taxes quickly and easily, or receive automatic courtesy reminders. IVR saves staff from being overworked during deadlines and helps citizens pay on time, even at the last minute.

Offer 24/7 self-service.

Citizens will have access to tax information and account balances. They can check balances, due dates, and more at their own convenience.

Make paying easy.

Online payments can reduce the long lines for yearly taxes. Citizens can pay real-estate, vehicle license taxes, and more with credit card or eCheck by phone or web.

Courteous and proactive.

Make automated outbound calls to your citizens so they know when their payments are due.

Spanish, Armenian, or Cantonese?

Do you have a large population of non-English speaking citizens? With our multiple language options, you can find a way to communicate with everyone.


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